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School Web Design Portfolio

We take pride in turning every pixel into a perfect and unique representation of your school, and our work with more than 5,000 schools around the world reflects that belief. Check out a selection of our recent launches below or visit our full portfolio to view our latest work.


Highline Public Schools

Highline Public Schools serves 19,000 students and 2,000 staff across 32 schools in Washington State. With a focus on web accessibility, equity, and school-to-home communications, Highline Public Schools partnered with Finalsite to offer a stunning and fully accessible web experience to its vast community. 


international school of beijing displayed in laptop and mobile device

International School of Beijing's best-in-class website makes user engagement effortless. Stunning photography, intuitive scrolling and animations are key features that tell a story of a vibrant and diverse school community located just outside of downtown Beijing.


hun school of princeton homepage featured in a laptop and iphone

The Hun School of Princeton is a private, coeducational, secondary boarding school in New Jersey. In 2019, the school partnered with Finalsite to design a website that illustrates the authenticity of a Hun education and engages both prospective and current families. 


Merchiston Castle School homepage displayed in laptop and iphone

Merchiston Castle School is an all-boys boarding and day school in Edinburgh with 440 students. The school's mobile-first, modern website design sets a high standard for school websites — not only did it win two prestigious design awards, the website has seen a 54% increase in unique website views and 19% decrease in bounce rate.


lslu health homepage displayed in laptop and mobile device

LSU Health Shreveport is a growing university in Louisiana comprised of three professional schools. To kick off the design process, Finalsite visited the university on-site for two days and got a true feel for campus life.

LSU Health's best-in-class website is an authentic online representation of its campus and serves as an effective communications tool for its marketing team.

Pine Lake Preparatory

Pine Lake Preparatory is a North Carolina charter school educating students in grades K-12. The charter school's new, custom website acts as both a communications platform for current families and a marketing tool for prospective families. 


Town of Suffield

With sidewalks covering almost every square inch this quintessential New England town, a great public schools system, a top-rated private school, sprawling farms and stunning views — its no wonder why Suffield, CT is noted by Niche one of the top suburbs in the state of Connecticut to buy a house.

As a premier suburb, the Town of Suffield knows how important communications are to its residents. Their mobile-first website makes important information available — such as the town's phone directory, calendar information, COVID-19 updates, anniversary celebration details, and so much more!

For families with students in the public school system, the user experience is familiar and seamless as well.

Your Website is the Core of Your Digital Campus

COVID-19 is reshaping the educational landscape, forcing schools and districts to move the entire family journey online. Whether it's distance learning, recruitment, or fundraising—how you deliver virtual experiences moving forward will play a new role in defining the quality, perception, and value of your institution.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Finalsite support continues to bat a thousand! I'm so happy that we have a partner that is so quick to respond and so effective at protecting us from our own mistakes!"

Jer Bates
Ogden School District

"Our redesign goal was to effectively engage current and prospective families. Since the redesign, we've seen a 30% increase in traffic to our admission pages."

Wendi Patella
Peddie School

"It's a testament to the ease of using Composer that someone with little or even no web experience can learn it quickly."

Bethany Silvestri
Woodland School

"With the help of Finalsite's team, we increased applications by 40% and new student enrollment increased by 37%."

Amanda McDevitt
St. Thomas School

"I would be completely crazy - not just partially - without the team from Finalsite."

Becky Marsh
Whitfield School

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